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Anti-Ptosis, or ptosis crutches

This tool for raising the falling upper eyelid (ptosis) is a small mechanism that allows to raise the lowered upper eyelids due to any sort of disease.

Palpebral ptosis is the omission of the upper eyelid, which means that the patient is not able to lift the upper eyelid himself, the eye remains closed or semi-closed. Ptosis has various reasons for its occurrence, for example, age-related ptosis, myogenic ptosis, congenital ptosis or neurogenic ptosis. Ptosis may occur when taking certain medications like morphine or trauma can cause acquired ptosis, and ptosis can be caused by diseases like neuralgia, congenital disease and so on.

Some types of ptosis are irreversible and they may require surgical correction or some specialists advices to use the eyeglasses mechanisms to lift the upper eyelid.


Located in Lorrez-le-Bocage-Praux, Seine-et-Marne, France, the Géod Optique is the only recognized light-scale company that produces the upper eyelid raiser Robert Mercier, a small mechanical system which allows to lift the lowered upper eyelid mechanically.

The fixation system is unique, which is made with three thin stems, allowing the system to be backed to the upper eyelid; the system is attached to the top of the glasses so that the same way to raise the lowered eyelid.

anti-ptosis Ptosis crutches - anti-ptosis by Robert Mercier

This mechanical anti-ptosis system is the creation of Robert Mercier, an optician in the community of Pantin (93). One day a client came to him with a lowered upper eyelid and whom was not allowed surgery, that is why he put up a small mechanical system that allows to raise up the upper eyelid with the help of a very elastic and soft rod device. This mechanism has been used since 1945 and it has been used in more than 20,000 cases where surgery has been contraindicated.

Fixing the mechanism requires use of plastic glasses; a 3 x 20 mm brace supports a tube to which a very delicate spring is attached. Together they make an arc attached to this tube, this arc is reinforced to the cartilage of the upper age. The spring allows you to raise the eyelid in 90 degrees, while moving the eyelid in a physiological direction, it opens. The lid closing is natural and its uplifting is carried out by the system, the movement of the century remains natural. Its installation and adaptation to the patient requires an hour of preparation and adaptation. Made of stainless steel, Mercier's antiptosis mechanism does not give any allergies and it is a durable device.

The antiptosis system is used in cases of traumatic damage of upper eyelids, myopathy, Marcus Gunn syndrome or Mari-Amat syndrome.

This system can be used temporarily before surgery or during some inoperable cases.

As can be seen from the diagram proposed on this page, the antiptosis system is fixed on the upper eyelid using a delicate spring system.